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Tooth Extraction in West Mifflin PA

When your natural tooth is beyond repair, it's time to consider a tooth extraction in West Mifflin. Dr. Coyne has 30 years of experience performing teeth extractions that remove problem teeth, making room for treatments that help patients achieve optimal oral health.
Woman Smiling, West Mifflin Tooth Extraction

Our resident dentist and his professional dental technicians are dedicated to educating you about all your options so you can make the best decision for your case. Contact us today to schedule an appointment! We offer a 10% discount to senior citizens.


Why Get a Tooth Extracted in West Mifflin? 

Voluntarily removing a tooth can be a difficult decision. An adult tooth won't grow back and removing a tooth means a missing space. If there's no hope of fixing a damaged tooth-whether it's cracked, severely chipped, or broken-your best option may be to have it removed by an experience practitioner. Benefits of tooth extraction in West Mifflin include:

 Removing a Source of Infection, Safeguarding Other Teeth and Gums 
 Extracting a Broken Tooth That Is No Longer Functional 
 Alleviating the Costs of Restorative Dental Appliances, Including Crowns

Oral Surgery in West Mifflin

Dr. Coyne examines your teeth and gums to determine whether you may require oral surgery under sedation. If so, our resident dentist refers you to a reliable surgeon for oral surgery in West Mifflin. You will receive dental surgery with anesthesia from a licensed oral surgeon who delivers treatment prescribed by Dr. Coyne.


The John Coyne DDS Difference

Our dentistry is different. We offer first-rate dental treatment in a welcoming atmosphere, making your visit to our practice as stress-free as possible. Trust in knowing that our team is dedicated to ensuring that receive the dental care you deserve for a healthy, beautiful smile you're proud to show.

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